Frequntly Asked Questions

Frequntly Asked Questions

Where may I drive my rental car?

Rental cars are authorized to be driven anywhere in Antigua, but don't forget that here we drive on the left side of the road.

Will my credit card cover me for damages?

Credit card coverages are almost always secondary coverage, which means you must first submit a claim to your own insurance carrier and the credit card company usually covers the excess for comprehensive or collision losses. As with the insurance company policies, restrictions apply. Always call your credit card company's prior to rental as coverages often change.

Can anybody else drive my car rental?

Yes, providing they meet all regular rental requirements and are listed on your rental agreement.

Do you provide child safety seats and when are they required?

Yes, we provide child safety seats at an additional cost of US$5 per day. The Law requires all children under 4 years of age, to be transported in a child restraint system. According to a study by the national Highway traffic safety administration, children are safest when riding in the backseat of the vehicle.

What if my departure flight is prior to the opening of the car rental office?

When you rent your car, return arrangements will always be made. The car rental may arrange to have you leave the car at the office, at your hotel or at the Airport whichever is most convenient for you.